Perks of Playing Online Roulette at GGBet Casino

In case you’re wondering why you should play roulette online at GGBet casino, here’s why tons of online roulette enthusiasts consider GGBet their number one platform:

  • The safety of a licensed casino – We are licensed by the Government of Curacao to guarantee a safe experience as you bet with real money.
  • Fair and certified games – All our games are periodically audited and verified by eCOGRA for fairness. There’s no chance of rigged gameplay.
  • Easy site to navigate – We have maintained a super-intuitive user interface so that you can effortlessly cruise through the site as you look for GGbet casino roulette tables to bet on.
  • The best software providers – We source our casino games from the top gaming providers. You should therefore expect nothing but the best from GGBet roulette games.

The roulette collection at GG Bet is available in both free-to-play and real money mode. So, whether you just want to have a thrill watching how bets perform in demo play roulette or you want to take your chances at winning real cash, we’ve got you covered.

What Games to Play in the GGBet Roulette Lobby

There are many different online roulette variants at GGBet casino to suit the tastes of different players. Given that the GGBet team comprises avid roulette players, we are talented at identifying high-quality games to add to our ever-expanding roulette lobby.

If you take the time to scan through our collection via demo play roulette modes, we are pretty sure that you will find something that will have you returning to our lobby on a regular basis. However, all these variants are offshoots from the 3 main categories of the game. They are:

European Roulette

European roulette at GGbetThe European roulette wheel is the pioneer of any roulette version we have today. It has 37 pockets numbered 0-36, with the single zero being green, 18 of the 36 being red, and the rest black. The house edge here is 2.7% because of the one zero, giving gamblers a bit of an advantage as the chances of winning are higher.

Take a shot at any European roulette games from different providers in our lobby to find your perfect fit. Some of the best options include European Roulette Xmas, European Roulette VIP, European Roulette (classic) and European Roulette Silver.

French Roulette

French roulette at GGbetThe French roulette wheel is identical to the European roulette version in terms of betting options and the number of pockets that include a single zero.

However, depending on the type of wagers you place, 2 rules alter the odds and considerably reduce the house edge: ‘la partage’ and ‘en prison.’

‘La partage,’ which translates to ‘the share,’ specifies that if you lose an outside bet, but the ball lands on the zero of the French Roulette wheel instead, you will get half of your wager back, thereby sharing your loss with the house.

‘En prison’ is when instead of cashing in on your ‘la partage,’ you decide to make the same bet again. The croupier will lock your bet in, and you get to take home a bigger win if your bet is a winner. Otherwise, if you lose, your initial wager is all gone. Some of the most exciting variants of this type of Roulette at GG Bet include French Roulette Classic and French Roulette™.

American Roulette

American roulette at GGbetUnlike the European and French roulette wheels, the American roulette wheel has an additional green pocket with a double zero. As such, the house advantage shoots to 5.26% because the odds have now changed to 1 in 38, while payouts remain constant.

American roulette remains particularly popular in the Americas, while the European and French versions are much preferred in Europe and other parts of the globe. Some American Roulette versions that players at the GGBet casino site have been relishing are VIP American Roulette, American Roulette (classic) and American Roulette™.

Spin the Roulette Wheel and Win!

Now that you know your options, you can try out free roulette games from the range of titles in our lobby to figure out which tickles your fancy. And you won’t have to register for a GGBet account to play for fun.

On the other hand, if you are looking to win real money playing GGBet roulette games, sign up for a GGBet account, deposit some cash and let the ball fall where it will. As a roulette enthusiast, joining GGBet is the best decision you will ever make, as you are guaranteed the most epic online roulette adventure.